I was lucky enough to meet a Vancouver Pet Photography expert last week through my sister who lives in British Columbia, Canada. Meeting Jason was a thrill, and to hear his passion in his voice while he talks about his Photography and his adventures is very contagious.

Jason Kenzie aka The Photo Warrior is a breath of fresh air and sure loves his animals, and the people who own them. Believe it or not these animal lovers own very exotic pets from as large as a Siberian Tiger, a Primal Grizzly bear to as small as a pet porcupine, these are only a few of the animals Jason encounters.

The traveling he does to get to where he has his photo shoots are extremely remarkable, beautiful landscapes caress the areas where ever his heart takes him.

Stunning waterfalls, Mountain whitecaps, and Small towns are on every adventurous journey he takes.
You can view his Animal Travel adventures through his Photos and his Webisodes on Youtube “Jason Kenzie and his Pet Adventures.”


These two video links show some of beautiful British Columbia:


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