Pattaya is a coastal resort in Thailand, which sits around 100 miles to the south of the capital Bangkok, on eastern shore of the Gulf of Thailand.

Built onto the Pattaya Bay, it comprises Pattaya Beach, which follows the line of the city waterfront, and Pattaya Nuea which lies to the south. To the north of Pattaya Beach is Naklua Beach.The city is served by the main Bangkok hub, Suvarnabhumi Airport which is around a 90 minute drive from the city, although some charter flights use U-Tapao International, which is around half the distance away, but mainly used by charter airlines.Accommodation for tourists can be had in plentiful hotel and motel facilities throughout the city, or there are plenty of Pattaya apartments for rent for those looking to rent apartment in Pattaya central locations.

The city is an enthusiastic participant in the Thailand sex industry, which is centred on the Walking Street and Beach Road areas, famed for their clubs, massage parlours and Ladyboy Cabarets.However, there are other attractions such as the legendary Beer Bars, small, noisy and cheap establishments which sometimes appear as if they’ve just been thrown together from odd bits of furniture lying around on the side of the street (and sometimes that is literally the case as the Soi Yodsaki bars are only open for a short time) through to more substantial establishments.They can be found all over the city, though the greatest numbers are found around Walking Street and the lower Beach Road areas.

Pattaya is a full on party city, a sort of San Antonio or Magaluf on steroids. It is loud and brash where anything goes, in a way that would convince a Southern Baptist that the Rapture had already happened.However, there are some alternative facets to see as well, resembling a more conventional cultural experience.

An example is the Thai Thani arts and cultural village which demonstrates outstanding architectural, shows, activities, arts and entertainment and food associated with the traditional Thailand, best exemplified by the Kam Tok restaurant which provides an excellent way to finish a day spent in the village.There are also Buddhist temples on the southern aspect of the city which are worth visiting, as is the Nong Nooch Tropical Garden, the largest in Asia and 20 minutes from the city centre, which offers beautifully presented Thai style gardens, lakes and an elephant show. It is an all day visit, but it is also very open and humid and visitors are advised to carry plenty of water.
Pattaya offers a unique insight into the modern and traditional cultures of Thailand from the debauched to the delicate and delightful, confirming many of the stereotypes associated with tourism in this fascinating country.

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