Thailand is a country that is popular with holidaymakers from all over the world. As well as having some of the most beautiful beaches in South East Asia, it also has a wealth of history and culture to be enjoyed. The climate is hot and sunny the whole year round, so whichever time of year you plan your trip for, you can be sure that you will get good weather.

With a two-month stay, you will have time to visit some of the many different attractions that you will find throughout the country, but the following list contains things that should definitely be at the top of your to-do list. Whether you are going with friends or family, these attractions will have something to keep everyone happy.

1. Similan Islands. The water that surrounds these islands, which are located in the Andaman Sea, is so crystal clear that it makes it the perfect place to get the best views of coral reefs and tropical fish. It is a very popular destination for boat trips for this reason. It is also a great location for underwater diving because the water is so clear, and the species of fish that you will find here is so diverse.

2. Phi Phi Islands The main attraction of the Phi Phi Islands are the white sandy beaches and turquoise waters. There is no other place like it for relaxing. It is only a short ferry ride from Phuket so is very easy to get to. There are plenty of bars alongside the beaches which can become quite lively during the evenings and make for a great night out. It is one of the best places in Thailand for viewing the sunrise and the sunset.

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Floating market in Thailand

3. Floating Markets. These are a very well known attraction in Thailand. They basically have everything that you would expect to find in a normal market, expect that all the stalls are aboard boats and the products are sold directly from here. Boat trips are available that will take you around these markets, and these can be the most stress free way of enjoying this experience. You will still have the opportunity to buy things from the market on these trips.

4. Phang Nga Bay. This 400m long bay comprises of 42 small islands and is located between Phuket and the Malay Peninsula. On a boat ride around this bay you will be able to completely relax as you enjoy the unique scenery. The bay is protected by the Ao Phang Nga National Park and has some of the shallowest waters in the region. There are also large areas of intertidal forested wetlands that are something that you will not see elsewhere in Thailand.

5. The Grand Palace & Wat Prakeaw. No trip to Thailand is complete without a visit to the Grand Palace. The architecture of the palace will take your breath away, and really gives you an insight into the creativity of the Thai artists that helped to create the building. The Wat Prakeaw is a Buddhist temple that is located within the palace. Here you will see some of the historical traits of the Emerald Buddha and have the opportunity to learn more about Buddhism and the influence it has on the architecture of this palace.


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