Brits have been going on holiday to Spain for many years because it is easy to get to and it has plenty of sunshine and cheap sangria, the entertainment is good as well from the colourful flamenco dancers. Although the country has progressed over the years by becoming a valued member of the European Economic Community the heart of Spain, its culture and traditions, remain.

Since the death of General Franco on 20th November 1975 Spain has brought its health services up-to-date so they now offer an excellent service. There have been many improvements to the country’s transport structure as well with modern airports, train stations and motorways. Although the country has been in an economic recession like everywhere else this is due to end in Spain this year 2014.

As they come out of the economic situation house prices are still falling and unemployment is still high which means taxes will have to rise and higher fees will be charged when purchasing a property. But there is a wide range of properties to choose from and the law has been tightened up so people can now rent a property for a reasonable price.

The Spanish people are optimistic about future investments in their country and the only drawback is the close-knit Catalonian community in northern Spain are campaigning for an election in 2014 so they can become independent of Spain. As this is one of the better-off areas in the country if they win their campaign it could effectively slow down Spain’s economic recovery.

If you are seriously considering looking at properties for sale in Spain you should avoid Catalonia until the outcome of their bid for independence is known. If they win Catalonia will not be a member of the EEC and the regulations to become a resident will be different to those of Spain.

Because Spain lies in the South of Europe on the Iberian Peninsula it has a warmer climate and there is a beautiful long coastline which has the Mediterranean on one side and the Atlantic on the other. Countryside lovers will find mountains, woods and forests plus dramatic volcanic landscapes and great wildlife reserves.

Don’t let political and economic problems put you off considering moving to Spain,it is no worse than the situation in Britain, and it is a beautiful country to live in. Those who have moved to Spain from Britain have received a warm and friendly welcome from the Spanish residents and if you respect the local customs and enjoy the cuisine, annual fiestas and food and wine you will soon be part of the local community.


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