Corporate team building activities can be an effective way to develop the strengths of the participants, unite a group, and improve weaknesses. However, you can only achieve your team building goals if the exercises are planned and carried out properly. Be it for improving the team’s problem solving or creativity skills, corporate team building activities will surely help you achieve team objectives. It can also be a way of giving the staff members or employees a nice day out of the office.

The kind of corporate team building activities that you are looking for are right here at Marina at Keppel Bay. For years, Keppel Bay Sailing Academy has been the go-to company for those who want to make the most of their corporate event. They have the experience and expertise to make team building activities fun-filled and exciting!

Check out their list of courses, so you can start planning your next corporate event:

Start Yachting

Start Yachting is the newest team building activity offered by Keppel Bay Sailing Academy. It lets the participants yachthave the basic knowledge about sailing. This two-day event is ideal, especially if you know that the team members are all complete beginners. From 9AM to 5PM, you will be having fun while familiarizing yourself about how sailing works. The two-day course aims to help the team members experience steering a yacht, ropework, and sail handling. Participants will also be familiar with the safety guidelines during sailing. Most importantly, once you have completed the course, you will have a certificate that will help you finish the Competent Crew course in just three days.

Day Skipper Practical

If you want to let your team members experience being a captain of a yacht for a day, then this course is an ideal option. In this program, participants will learn the basic skills in sailing. It will also let them have first-hand experience in navigating a yacht. The team will be guided by an expert instructor on how to properly handle navigation, pilotage, as well as seamanship.

Basic Sea Survival

Let your team members improve their skills on understanding how the basic sea survival works. On-board, your team will find all the safety equipment that you need to properly execute this life-saving activity. This course even has instructions in launching and boarding a life raft.

RYA/ISAF Offshore Safety

If your team is no longer a beginner in sailing and is interested in having racing events, it is advisable for each member to also take this course. RYA/ISAF Offshore Safety is a training program for racing skippers and crews who want to know how to properly handle bad weather conditions and other problems encountered at sea.

For a list of more corporate team building activities, don’t forget to visit Keppel Bay Sailing Academy’s website. With this company, you are confident that your safety and satisfaction will always be prioritized.

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