Being a cheap backpack destination, Asia is a great place for backapackers tours and flashpackers as well; it’s not only about ridiculously low prices, beautiful nature, parties, or weird cocktails. There is so much more, and the best part is the whole new experience, the whole new world you are going to see and experience.
If you proudly call yourself a flashpacker and you are ready to see all the miracles of Southeast Asia, especially Cambodia, welcome! This impressive list includes the 6 the most popular, affordable, flashpacker available

1.The Mad Monkey Kamikaze Run

This fantastic 4-day tour is gradually gaining traction as the most popular backpacker tour in Cambodia and is
delivered to customers from all over the world.

Bar Mad Monkey

Tourists enjoy a bar stop on the Mad Monkey Kamikazee Run

Read the excited reviews on The Mad Monkey Hostel page in Kampot for a further taste of the post tour enthusiasm and fervor that is generated after a Kamikaze run.  Highlights include:

Ride the giant tuk-tuk. It’s the special transport for 14 people and the best way to see the exotic local places like crab markets and an amazing beach. Moreover, you can enjoy cold beer the whole trip, and for free! How cool is that?

Visit the Gibbon Valley and play with the cute rescued animals there. If you didn’t know already, gibbons are very friendly, funny and just love to interact with others!

Be amazed how fast the impressive scenery can change. From virgin forests to the amazing beaches, from caves to rice paddies…you are going to sit with your camera the whole journey.

Visit working pepper and salt farms, and see the marvelous Kampong Trach Temple caves on the same day.
The guides are the funniest, friendliest and the most interesting people I have ever met and they really know this area of Cambodia. The tour also includes accommodation in a hostel dorm for 4 nights, as well as some of your meals and some alcohol. Parties are also included! Only $149 if you sign up at the Mad Monkey website or book a room in another one of its amazing hostels!

More information at

2. Discover Cambodia Tour

The classic tour that was popular among the backpackers for years, with a seven day duration, the tour is popular among tourists on a budget without a lot of luggage who want to experience real Cambodia.

If you are short on time and want some comfort (and ready to pay more), this tour suits you too.

3. 12 Day Vietnam Tour – Stray Asia Dong Flexi Tour

This 12-day tour will take you on an eclectic journey through Vietnam. You’ll see everything from the busy City life to tiny fishing villages, historic places of interest you read a lot about and a National Park. But the duration and the price of the tour will be suitable only for experienced flash packers who are ready to spend a lot of time, effort, and a fair money during the two weeks of this trip.

4. Halong Bay and Castaways Island Trip, Three Days Two Nights

The duration of this flashpackers’ tour is perfect: just 3 days and 2 nights. However, you won’t see a lot of various picturesque places, local places, and people. It’s all about partying, that being said it is still one of the most popular tours in Cambodia and is an absolute must if you want to have the true backpacking experience in Vietnam.

5. The Buffalo Run Hanoi to Hoi An in Seven Days

If you are an experienced flashpacker or just a beginner, you’ll have a lot of fun discovering Vietnam, during this famous tour. Be ready to see incredible national parks, forest, caves; moreover, you’ll have to walk a lot, really a lot so make sure you come fit and ready to go.  This is one of the highest rated tours in Asia.

So, what is my recommendation? If it were me I would head for Kampot to do the Kamikaze tour, then bolt up through Vietnam ensuring that both the Buffalo run and Halong Bay were both firmly fixed in my sights, but I am a budget backpacker so this may not be the best option for you.  There is a lot of information available online, so get researching!

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